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arnavon_san's Journal

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Heyla. I'm Hoppy and/or Naolin on ff.net, and I'm fairly sure that's where most people would know me from. I like reading, writing, and sleeping. The first I'm good enough at, the second I think I can fairly say I pass for mediocre with, and the third is something I either do too much or not enough. I consider myself level enough, but I'm prone to fits of indulgence and spells of giddiness, and I'm not a huge fan of comedy unless it's done intelligently (or it at least makes sense).

I watch anime, mainly, but these days it's hard to find something amazing enough to keep me along for the ride. Maybe I'm just picky- or maybe not, since I somehow managed to force myself through Ikkitousen. Not the 3rd season though; I drew the line at freakish oversized sharks (which was surprising considering everything I let slide). My favourites consist of a large enough list, but I'll list a few and the pairings I like from them, because all the cool kids are doing it:

Mai HiME- Shiz/Nat, Nat/Nao, Midori/Yohko

Nanoha- Nano/Fate, Fate/Signum (somehow), Shamal/Signum

Noir- Kirika/Mireille

Twelve Kingdoms

Maria-sama ga Miteru- Yumi/Sachiko, Sei/Shimako, Sei/Sachiko

Shoujo Kakumei Utena- mixed bag

Simoun (possibly)- depends on the author

That much is adequate, I guess. Actually, I don't have as many favourites as I thought. Maybe I ought to broaden the definition a bit... Anyhow, I don't do much here. Mainly I lurk shamelessly, or drag myself over when I'm looking for something in particular. I can't think of anything else...I suppose this is my profile? Have a nice day, or something along that vein...