So I posted on there with a rant about Shizuru. Because I adore her and find her absolutely breathtaking, but I've had a bone to pick with the fandom for quite some time now, even if I'm guilty of maybe half an offense myself. I'm glad the people over there seem fairly decent, or I'd be wary of a lynching. *groans* So I'm going to go watch more Kaleido Star and wish RennFest could happen every weekend. *yaaawns*
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Want, but...

So there's this Alter Fate on eBay, and I want her. Badly. Plus I hear she's been discontinued, so I'm pretty darned desperate by now. But...at the very least she'd be $190... *groans* And that's the one with bidding. Without it's more like $210. And I just pre-ordered Signum...so my budget is practically non-existant...but it's Fate...


...Well, I have four hours to decide, anyway.

Who needs money, dammit!?


Bought Fate. Budget be damned. Sorry, O voice of reason. *grins*

What to do in the early hours...?

Since I'm pretty sure no one follows me anyway, I'm writing this for my own indulgence. That and I haven't the faintest idea how to use LJ, and I feel I could use the practice. I'm feeling a bit...down, at the moment, which may have something to do with being dropped twice in the same month (all the luck, eh?) or being kicked in the face by my muse. Little both o' both, I guess. Maybe I should just go watch Aria, since I hear it's balm for the soul.

But...lately I haven't felt up to doing much... I keep wanting to write, but everything keeps coming out woodenly. I seem to have lost my touch...well, it's not quite like riding a bicycle. Did I ever have a touch to begin with? Because I'm bored and because I feel I ought to, it's happy Nanoha time. I wrote this a while ago, but hey, better than nothing by a very slim margin.

Rated T for Tease?


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(no subject)

Ahh, Mai HiME. I didn't know what I was missing. *strikes pose* Shizuru and Natsuki forever! ...Yes, well.

So, since I'd heard about it so much on the SA forums, I decided to give it a try. As I'd expected, the monsters were stupid. However, what I wasn't expecting was to have plot and character developement forced into my brain with a sledgehammer. Not that I'm complaining, of course. I've only seen up to episode 18, though. And 14-18 were with Spanish subs. Stupid Spanish... It really doesn't help that I only know French and Latin. Oh well. Soon...soon... Someone's uploading them again, and they're already on 14. Hello, new obsession!

Besides Strawberry Panic, of course. Why do I watch that show anyway? There's almost no plot, it revolves around shower scenes, and they've been going in circles forever. And of course, it doesn't help that Shizuma's development got shoved into about three episodes altogether. Oh. Shizuma. That's why I'm watching it. ^^; Chikaru too, of course. But I wish she'd get more screentime.

Back onto the subject of Mai HiME, I'm afraid Jango Joe of devart is doing her (his?) best to make me a Nat/Nao fan. It will not happen! I refuse! I will never, ever support- ...>.> ... <.< ...*runs off to hunt for art* Well, it's not my fault. Besides, Shiz/Nat shall always be my first and foremost. Gah. Ignore any typos in this thing(if any of you are reading it). I'm too lazy/tired to check it over. G'night happy people.
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Well, I am now most definitely a Rose/Winry fan, though I'm not quite sure how it happened. Heh. There's an annoyingly small ammount of stories reguarding them, though. And now, I'm bored again. The National Latin Exam's tomorrow, but I was in the hospital cause of these damn migraines, so I haven't really studied...X.x Good luck with that.


Eck, it's 6:29, and I'm hyper. But I haven't had any sugar, so I can only conclude that I'm hyper because of a lack of sugar...Like, sugar withdrawels. Anyway, I'm bored. Very, very bored. Mostly due to the fact that I have run out of fanfics to read. If you run across a good Riza/Winry or Sloth/Lust, tell me. Can be a doujinshi or a fic, doesn't matter. I somehow became a fan of Sloth/Lust. I'm not really sure how, since I can't remember reading one that's not depressing in some way. I'm also a Rose/Winry fan, just because they're cute. ^-^ Eh. At any rate, give me fanfiction before I implode out of boredom, because if I implode, no cookies for you.
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